Cumana R.C. Primary School
Learning Management System Implementation

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MOTTO: Striving for Excellence


Cumana R.C. Primary School aspires to be a learning institution of excellence where its pupils can achieve their full potential through a holistic education in a secure, gospel culture environment.


Cumana R.C. School will teach its pupils respect for God, life, teachers, parents, elders, those in authority and the Rule of Law. The school will nurture its students with appropriate moral values so that they have positive goals in life, and concern and compassion for others in society. The school is committed to facilitate the holistic development of each child through identifying and cultivating his or her potential and providing a relevant curriculum that will foster the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for him or her to live a successful, healthy, fulfilling and informed life. The school will provide an environment conducive to motivating teachers and students to work together to achieve academic excellence in partnership with parents and all stakeholders.


Respect | Responsibility | Compassion | Commitment | Excellence